Services to our residents

We constantly improve our service concept, which is designed to facilitate housing and housing-related matters. With us you can for instance easily find a new home should your housing criteria change, you can sign your contract or leave us a notice of termination online. Contacting us is always easy, whether you choose to go online or call our customer service.

You can easily get for example home insurance through our partner companies. If you leave Verena kodit after an irreproachable lease period, we will write a letter of recommendation to facilitate your next rental agreement.

Renting a home

We want to provide an easy and safe way to rent comfy homes that perfectly fit your needs. Our selection includes homes of many sizes and styles set in various locations, from one-room to family-size apartments.

Have a look at our listings and choose the most suitable for you. You can also notify of your interest towards an already rented apartment and we will contact you once it becomes available. Doing so does not commit you to anything. If you cannot find what you're looking for from our selection, you can leave an open application and we will contact you when we find the available home that fits your wishes. We are on the lookout for new, pleasant homes and we always strive to update our selection taking requests into account.

A home for yourself or an apartment as an investment

You can always see what apartments we have for sale at the time from our Homes for sale section. We sometimes buy bigger-sized properties and if needed we renovate a part of them before we proceed forward. Among our properties for sale you can find fully renovated apartments as well as apartments that need some renovation.

Location plays a major role in our acquisition of apartments, therefore our homes for sale are also suitable for investment, thanks to competitive price and good location. The majority of our apartments consists of small one-room or two-room apartments, which are easier to rent and allow to minimize the number of month without tenants.